Industrial Control Panel Enclosures | Control Panel | Control Panel Enclosures | Electrical Control Panel Enclosures | Electrical Control Panel Interview Questions and Answers

Mostly Industrial manufacturing plant environment is dusty, dirty, wet, humid, corrosive, or hot. In such environment, we need a Industrial Control panel enclosurers as that protects the all electric & electronic components.

Industrial Control Panel Enclosures | Control Panel Enclosures | Electrical Control Panel Enclosures | Electrical Control Panel Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Industrial control panels are used to manage and control various machines and equipment in industrial settings.
  2. These panels typically include a variety of components such as circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, relays, and more.
  3. Industrial control panels must comply with specific safety standards and regulations, such as UL 508A and NEC Article 409.
  4. Panel builders must carefully design and build industrial control panels to ensure they meet these standards and are safe to operate.
  5. To ensure proper functioning and reliability, regular maintenance and testing of industrial control panels is necessary.
  6. Advanced technologies such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are often used in industrial control panels to improve efficiency and control

    Purpose of  Industrial Control Panel Enclosurers

    •It keeps  dust, dirt, and weather out of electrical parts
    •It keeps  all components in one panel wired & dressed in proper manner so that troubleshooting is easy
    •A complete control solution for particular application can be assembled in particular panel (bypass, harmonic filtering, etc.)

    Components of Industrial Control Panel Enclosurer

    There are many components of  control panel. Following are examples , some of below are optional, it depends upon particular application.
    1.PLC – Programmable Logic Controller –  for more advanced operations
    2.VFD – Variable Frequency Drive
    3.Surge protector – protects the system from voltage spikes
    4.Harmonic filters – a more effective way to reduce harmonic distortion
    5.Circuit breaker – protects the electrical circuit from overload or short circuit
    6.Line reactors – 3% or 5% to reduce harmonic distortion
    7.Bypass contactor logic – keeps the system running even if the VFD fails
    8.Modem/UTP FO converter – for all devices communication purpose
    9.AC or other cooling units –  keeps the panel at a certain temperature depending on surrounding environment
    10.Anti-condensation heater– eliminates the buildup of dew inside the Control panel

    Industrial Control Panel Design Guide

    Control panel is a flat, often vertical, area where control or monitoring instruments are displayed.
    They are found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in places such as nuclear power plants, ships, aircraft and mainframe computers.
    Older control panels are most often equipped with push buttons and analog instruments, whereas today in many cases touch screens are used for monitoring and control purposes.

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures
    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures
    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Dimensions: Height, Width, Depth

    Doors: Single or Double Door

    Material: e.g. 
    Enclosure frame: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
    Roof: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
    Door: Carbon steel, 2.0 mm
    Rear panel: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
    Base plates: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
    Mounting plate: Carbon steel, 3.0 mm

    Surface finish:

    Enclosure frame: Dipcoat-primed
    Door, roof and rear panel: Dipcoat-primed, powder-coated on the outside, textured paint
    Mounting plate and base plates: Zinc-plated


    Enclosure frame
    Roof plate
    Rear panel, detachable
    4 eyebolts
    Lock: 3 mm double-bit
    Base Plates 
    Depth-adjustable mounting plate (with depth 500 mm) 
    2 Gleitschienen 

    Color: e.g.RAL 7035
    Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: e.g.
    IP 55
    Protection category NEMA: e.g. NEMA 12

    Control Panel Trunking :PVC cable tray

    • Broad range of sizes
    • Tapered feed to prevent snagging of cables
    • Common Color- RAL 7030 Dark Grey, RAL 7035 Light Grey
    • Standard Length- 2 Mtr
    • Common Material: PVC-U 1309

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) Rail Channel

    A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These products are typically made from cold rolled carbon steel sheet with a zinc-plated or chromated bright surface finish.

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures


    There are three major types of DIN rail:
    1)Top hat section.
    2) C section
    3) G section

    1.Top hat section.

    This 35-mm wide rail is widely used to mount circuit breakers. The EN 50022 standard specifies both a 7.5 mm and a 15 mm deep version, which are officially designated
    top hat rail EN 50022 – 35 × 7.5
    top hat rail EN 50022 – 35 × 15
    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    2. C-section

    These rails are symmetrical within the tolerances given. There are four popular C section rails, C20, C30, C40 and C50. The number suffix corresponds to the overall vertical length of the rail.

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    3. G-section

    G-type rail (according to EN 50035, BS 5825, DIN 46277-1)

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Bill of Materials (BOM) contains an exact count of all devices and materials placed in Control panel / Electrical drawing. Sometimes it is also called as Materials take off.

    BOM is useful for estimation of cost of the materials needed and for determining the labour needed to build the particular project. It helps Marketing executives for preparation of quotation

    Industrial Control Panel Enclosures

    Important Parameters related to Panel Fabrication 

    • Built to the required specification 
    • The highest quality 
    • Manufactured in the most cost effective way 

    System Build

    Panels are a vital link between the operator interface and the field instrumentation and are an integral part of the overall control strategy. Good design is of paramount importance. Proper layout of the panel and efficient use of available space is vital in today's complex and compact processing plants. Furthermore, to allow for possible expansions, panels must be designed not only for today's needs but also with the future in mind.
    It encompasses panel fabrication and testing, and the staging of the complete system (control panels, marshalling panels, networks, operator consoles, configuration stations,) for integration testing, customer inspection and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

    Quality Design and Fabrication

    Panels must be built to the highest International Standards, from design right through to construction and testing. This ensures a consistent, high quality product each and every time. For good design use top quality components and the highest standards of workmanship throughout panels is required.

    Industrial Control Panel Manufacturers

    Following are few manufacturers listed below

    • Catalog. Panel-Fab.
    • CID Controls.
    • MIS Controls Inc.
    • Compressed Air Systems, Inc.
    • WATTCO.
    • NuWaves RF Solutions.
    • Federal Electronics.
    • Rittal
    • Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

    Electrical Control Panel Interview Questions and Answers

    Following are some commonly asked Electrical Control Panel interview questions and answers:

    What is an Electrical Control Panel?

    An Electrical Control Panel is an enclosure that houses electrical components such as switches, fuses, relays, and controllers. It is used to control and monitor electrical equipment or machinery.

    What are the types of Electrical Control Panels?

    The types of Electrical Control Panels are:

    Motor Control Centers (MCCs)
    Power Control Centers (PCCs)
    Distribution Boards (DBs)
    Control Desks
    PLC Panels

    What is the function of a circuit breaker?

    A circuit breaker is a protective device used to interrupt an electrical circuit when the current exceeds a certain level. Its function is to prevent damage to the electrical equipment and to ensure the safety of the people working around it.

    What is the difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker?

    A fuse is a one-time use device that melts when the current exceeds its rating, while a circuit breaker can be reset and reused. Additionally, a circuit breaker can trip faster than a fuse, making it more responsive to faults.

    What is an overload relay?

    An overload relay is a protective device that monitors the current flowing through a motor and trips the circuit if the current exceeds a certain level. Its function is to protect the motor from damage due to overloading.

    What is a VFD?

    A VFD or Variable Frequency Drive is an electronic device used to control the speed of a motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to it.

    What is a PLC?

    A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is a digital computer used to control industrial processes. It is designed to perform a specific task and can be programmed to control a wide range of applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are the components of industrial control panels and its function?

    Industrial control panels consist of various electrical components that work together to control and monitor industrial processes. Some of the components found in these panels include circuit breakers, switches, relays, timers, and sensors. These components work together to regulate power distribution, monitor process variables, and control machinery and equipment. The panels also contain wiring, terminals, and connectors to ensure the proper connection of these components. Industrial control panels play a crucial role in the automation of industrial processes, ensuring efficiency, safety, and consistency in manufacturing and production environments.

    What is the IEC standard for industrial control panels?

    The IEC standard for industrial control panels is known as IEC 61439. This standard specifies the requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, which includes industrial control panels. The standard covers various aspects of industrial control panels such as design, construction, and testing, ensuring that they meet the required safety and performance standards.
    IEC 60204-1 is the international standard that specifies safety requirements for electrical equipment of industrial machines, including control panels. This standard covers various aspects of electrical safety, such as protection against electric shock, protection against thermal effects, and protection against overcurrent.

    What is PLC Control Panel?

    A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panel is an electronic device used in industrial automation to control and monitor machinery and processes. It is equipped with a PLC, which is a digital computer that is programmed to execute specific tasks, such as controlling motors, sensors, and other automated equipment. The control panel receives input signals from sensors and other devices, processes them through the PLC, and generates output signals to control the machinery and processes.

    What is the full form of LT panel?

    The full form of LT panel is "Low Tension Panel." It is an electrical distribution board that is used to distribute power to various electrical loads in a low voltage power system. LT panels are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to control and protect electrical equipment and machinery. They can also help to improve the overall efficiency and safety of electrical systems by providing centralized control and monitoring of electrical equipment.


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